Why Moving to the Outer Boroughs Means Better Brews

In New York City, the borough of Manhattan gets a lot of attention from tourists around the world. But to those who venture outside of the main tourist attractions to Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island, get ready to find some of the best cultural and culinary experiences that NYC has to offer! This applies to the expanding microbrewery scene in the outskirts of the city, as well as bars in the outer boroughs that are finding more innovative ways to compete with Manhattan businesses by offering new beer varieties, multi-functional spaces, and delicious food pairings. To prove that no bar hop is complete until you leave the island of Manhattan, here are some of the best breweries in the outer boroughs of NYC.

Singlecut Beersmiths – Astoria, Queens

As rent prices in Manhattan continue to skyrocket, Cheap NYC Movers ( says more and more businesses are moving to Queens to find affordable space. Enter Singlecut Beersmiths, the brainchild of former advertising executive Rich Buceta, which is a lager-focused brewery in the hip Astoria neighborhood. Located in a beautifully renovated barn structure, the brewery hosts live shows, record nights, community events, and offers tours that examine the inner workings of the brewing process. On your next visit to the area, be sure to try the crisp 1933 Queens Lager for a refreshing pick-me-up.

The outer boroughs create some of the tastiest and crisp beers and lagers.
The outer boroughs create some of the best beers and lagers in favorite local breweries.

Gun Hill Brewing Company – Laconia, The Bronx

Although this brewery is a bit of a hike for those not living in Eastchester or Allerton, Gun Hill’s delicious brews are worth the subway ride. This no-frills establishment specializes in limited pours, such as the Cherry Tree Golden Ale, and is located across the street from a tasty Dominican food truck. The bar’s most popular drink is their English Pale Ale, which was the first beer ever brewed here. From delicious takeout menus to brewery tours with the company owners, Gun Hill is an ideal establishment for those who enjoy handcrafted beer.

Flagship Brewery – St. George, Staten Island

With live music, trivia events, and comedy nights, Flagship Brewery is much more than your typical bar. Considered one of Staten Island’s best-kept-secrets, the brewery features the adventurous Flagship Dark Mild brew, which is a relatively rare light-bodied English beer that’s heavy on flavor. While Flagship doesn’t serve food, patrons can order from three nearby pizza joints and receive discounts on many of the neighborhood’s tasty Sri Lankan restaurants. Tours of the brewery are available on the weekends and only cost $5 with a free pint of smooth beer served at the end.

In short, remember that hops, malt, water, and yeast taste just as good (if not better!) outside of Manhattan. And since quality beer is not bound by the Hudson and East rivers, be sure to take a trip to the outer boroughs to experience their fantastic brews for yourself.

Wine Storage

Top Tips for Moving and Storing a Wine Collection

I started collecting wine about five years ago to impress my then girlfriend (now wife), who wasn’t impressed by frequenting NYC’s pub scene. On trips and weekend getaways, we started visiting wineries and found ourselves joining wine clubs that would ship us a case or two of wine over the course of the year. My taste for beers with the boys was soon overcome by my love for wine with the wife; it was a new passion the two of us could pursue together.

Owning an extensive wine collection is the ultimate accomplishment for wine connoisseurs. Though I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur, we have accumulated quite an extensive wine collection over the last few years. While it’s convenient to keep a few bottles chilled in your fridge, storing an entire collection in your home (especially in New York City)  is nearly impossible.  If you’re someone, like me, who’s struggling to keep a sizable collection at home, it might be time to relocate your bottles to a storage facility. To help with the transition, here are a few tips for safely moving and storing a wine collection.

Research Professional Shipping Companies

It can be tempting to ship your wine through FedEx or UPS, but it’s important to note that these companies only accept wine shipments from licensed shippers. This means that your package could be misplaced or thrown out if not mailed correctly. However, when you work with a professional shipping company, they can help you with every aspect of the mailing process. Make sure that you thoroughly research several companies to see which one will best fit your needs.

Take Inventory

To ensure that nothing gets lost or misplaced while packing or moving, take inventory of your entire wine collection. Be sure to note the number of bottles and brands of wine you have by making a list or creating a template. It’s also a good idea to categorize the different bottles before packing and storing them.

Make sure to take inventory of each brand of wine you own.
Make sure to take inventory of each brand of wine you own.

Find the Right Storage Facility

There are many different NYC storage facilities you can use to store your wine collection, and it’s best to do your research before picking one out. The most important thing you’ll need to look for in a storage unit is temperature and humidity control, to ensure the quality and safety of your wine collection. If a company doesn’t offer climate control services, it might be good to invest in a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending on the air. Some storage companies might also provide services to move the wine for you, which could save you a lot of time and stress.

Pack for the Move

When packing up a wine collection, make sure you leave yourself a whole day or two for the packing process, as you don’t want to rush and accidentally damage or break a bottle. To begin, make sure that each bottle is clean and dust-free, which will prevent the risk of mold from building up on the glass surface. It’s best to clean with a dry cloth or feather duster to keep moisture away from the bottle. Then, wrap each bottle with polystyrene or bubble wrap, making sure that all surfaces are covered. The moving company I used,, recommended placing the bottles in a cardboard box with individual inserts to keep them from jostling during transport. If you’re looking for an all-in-one NYC moving and storage company, I highly recommend these guys. They picked up our boxes and moved them to climate-controlled storage for free when we signed a storage contract.

Properly clean each bottle before placing into storage - it will prevent the build-up of dust.
Properly clean each bottle before putting into storage – it will prevent the build-up of dust.

Store at the Right Angle

While it’s important to store your wine away from light and at the proper temperature, it’s also crucial to store each bottle at the ideal angle. Place bottles with corks at a slight angle with the label facing up and the cork facing down. This will allow you to read a label without moving a bottle, keep the corks wet by the wine, and will prevent the bottles from falling.


Guide to the Coolest Speakeasies in Manhattan

During the United States Prohibition, thousands of New York City locals were involved in the making, selling, or transporting of banned liquors. Many of them started secret bars called “speakeasies” that were built for enjoying nights of jazz and booze in tucked-away locations. And although Prohibition ended in 1933, Manhattan has still maintained a lot of these mysterious and secretive spots. To experience a glimpse into the underground Prohibition days for yourself, here’s our guide to some of the coolest speakeasies that Manhattan has to offer.


Operated by two former bartenders of the famous Milk and Honey cocktail bar, Attaboy was created with a speakeasy vibe in mind. Located at 134 Eldridge Street, visitors must knock on the front door or use a buzzer to enter this hidden spot. And instead of drink menus, one of the many mixologists can whip up a custom-made cocktail for you, depending on your tastes and preferences. With dimly-lit tables and a vintage feel, Attaboy is a great choice for an intimate night out in Manhattan.

Please Don’t Tell (PDT)

Located inside of Crif Dogs at 113 St. Marks Place, Please Don’t Tell is one of the most cleverly disguised speakeasies in Manhattan. To enter, visitors must step into a vintage telephone booth at the back of the restaurant and ring a buzzer on the inside. A hostess will then open up a secret door so that you and your group can enter. Not only do you feel like you’re getting VIP treatment by entering this secret spot, you can also order from Crif’s delicious menu while sitting at the luxurious and cozy PDT bar.

These Manhattan speakeasies still maintain their secret entrances and vintage 20's environments.
These Manhattan speakeasies still maintain their secretive entrances and vintage 20’s environments.

The Back Room

The Back Room is one of the original Manhattan speakeasies that operated during Prohibition and is very tricky to find. Located by looking for a “Lower East Side Toy Company” sign at 102 Norfolk Street, visitors must go through a gate and down a flight of stairs to reach this secretive spot. The search is definitely worth the effort, as The Back Room has played host to some of the most famous actors and gangsters of the Prohibition era and boasts a swanky 1920’s atmosphere. From hosting birthday parties to a casual night out, it’s the perfect spot for adding a little glamor to your Manhattan visit.

Blind Barber

Doubling as a barber shop by day and a speakeasy by night, the Blind Barber is famous for hosting fun dance parties with live DJs. With unique cocktails and a casual, laid-back vibe, it’s also a great spot for having good conversations with friends. Visitors must walk through the barbershop and back room at 339 East 10th Street to reach the speakeasy at night. During the day, you can enjoy a free (non-alcoholic) cocktail along with a haircut or shave.

Trying a hand crafted cocktail is a must when visiting any speakeasy in NYC.
Trying a hand crafted cocktail is a must when visiting any speakeasy in NYC.

The Garret

Located at the back of a Five Guys restaurant at 296 Bleecker Street, The Garret has become a hot spot around the Manhattan area. With an impressive and fun cocktail menu, an exclusive Five Guys burger menu that can’t be found anywhere else, and a loft with skylight windows and industrial feel, this speakeasy simply has it all. To enter, head to the back of the restaurant where a bouncer is standing guard at the base of a staircase and head up the stairs.


7 Trendiest Pubs in New York City

The enormous amount of nightlife in New York City makes it nearly impossible to pick out just a few of the best drink spots. And with so many great pubs located within the Big Apple, how do you decide which one to go to for specialty cocktails or craft beer? Although the city is full of countless newly opened bars, we’ve narrowed down 7 of the trendiest pubs for you that NYC has to offer.

The Winslow

The Winslow is a newly renovated pub created with a traditional British-inspired public house atmosphere. Famous for its gin and tonics, the Winslow offers gins from all around the world and serves over 20 varieties of British beer on tap. You’ll also find a renown mixologist that’s ready to whip up exotic cocktails containing botanicals (including bee pollen!) for the entire table.

The food here is delicious and inspired by British eateries. Dishes include their famous Scotch Egg and tasty Bangers and Mash. If you’re craving more American meals, they also serve a mean Mac ’n Cheese!

Jimmy’s Corner

Located in the heart of Times Square, Jimmy’s Corner surprisingly provides the ultimate dive bar experience. With hardly any tourists poking their heads in the doorway, this mostly locals pub is the ideal place to sip quality drinks and enjoy live music performances. The walls are plastered with boxing posters and other memorabilia from the owner’s history, creating the perfect dive bar atmosphere.

Who knew that the perfect dive bar was located within the bustle of Times Square?
Who knew that the perfect dive bar was located within the bustle of Times Square?

Caledonia Bar

With two locations on both the Upper West and East sides, this laid-back whiskey joint has become one the hottest spots in the NYC. Boasting a hearty Scottish atmosphere, people from all around the city come to taste the many varieties of whiskey served in the pub, along with selections off of the impressive beer and cocktail menus. Caledonia also offers a great selection of food, including pies, sausages, and other Scottish fare. It’s the perfect destination for a cozy and relaxing experience.


Located in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, Sugarburg has gained huge popularity due to its delicious American dishes. Savory Po Boys and creamy Mac and Cheese selections are a big hit at this NYC pub, along with a large selection of craft beers, espressos, and coffee. The atmosphere includes lots of natural light, comfortable seating, and a calm vibe.

Cafe Katja

Looking for a pub with authentic Austrian fare? Café Katja offers simple and delicious dishes straight from the European motherland! With classic dishes such as liverwurst, Hungarian blood sausage, goulash, and more, you’ll feel as though you’ve transported across the world. There is also a superb selection of Austrian and German beers on tap, including Schneider Hefe-Weisse, plus a variety of wines, cocktails, and Schnapps as well. Katja’s spacious windows, brick walls, and wooden furniture create a both a modern yet homey atmosphere.

A nice selection of Austrian and German beers await for you at Cafe Katja.
A nice selection of Austrian and German beers await for you at Cafe Katja.

Blind Tiger Ale House

The Blind Tiger Ale House is known for being NYC’s premier craft beer bar, and it’s easy to see why! Besides the charmingly rustic interior, the craft beer selection here is enormous and includes unique brews such as barrel-aged and Belgian style beers. The selection rotates regularly based on seasonal availability, ensuring that there’s a drink for everyone to love at the Blind Tiger. The pub also hosts a fun beer and cheese event tasting every Wednesday, making this the perfect place for beer enthusiasts to come together and socialize!

The Dead Rabbit

This no-nonsense Irish pub has earned some of the best ratings in the barfly community, including the World’s Best Bar of 2016. With a great selection of vintage cocktails, an extensive menu of delicious dishes from Ireland, Scotland, and Britain, and live music played every week, you couldn’t ask for more from the rowdy, yet hospitable Dead Rabbit. The dim lighting and large sprawling layout of the pub creates the perfect atmosphere for hunkering down with friends and eating, drinking, and dancing the night away